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A Look Inside Mortal Heart - Full Chapter

Hello readers. I have a little treat for you.

But first, for those of you who missed the news, I’m so pleased to tell you that MORTAL HEART HAS A RELEASE DATE! Yes that deserved shouty caps! Finally--and I know you have all been waiting for a long time--Mortal Heart (Divine Hunter #4), the concluding part to Michael and Lacy's story, will be released on 20th September 2019.

I'm so excited for you to finally read this. Typing the final sentence was a real emotional moment for me. Not just because it has been a long time coming, but for the fact that I have loved writing Michael and Lacy's story from the moment that hunter popped into my head and insisted on staying there.

This leads me to a little bit of other news: Just because Michael and Lacy's story will soon be over that doesn't mean we will be leaving the Divine Hunter World completely *jumps up and down with extreme joy at what I'm about to tell you*. . .

Following on from Evo, there will be more stories in the Divine Hunter World series, but I'll leave it there for now. Just know that soon, before the release of Mortal Heart, I will be announcing the release of the next book in The Divine Hunter World series. Can't wait for you to know who it will be about.

And now to the sneak peek...

I’m so excited to share this final story of Michael and Lacy’s. They’ve been through so much together, but now they are faced with what might be their biggest challenge of all.

Below is an excerpt from Mortal Heart (Divine Hunter Book Four). But before you get stuck in I just want to mention that this chapter is subject to change before the release and has yet to go through the final stages of editing.




He'd given up shouting hours ago. His throat was raw from it, but he realized, eventually, that it was getting him absolutely nowhere. Michael gave in to the quiet of his chamber and sat on the edge of his elegantly over-the-top bed. He wiped a hand over his face as he got another flash of Lacy's face right in front of his own. He closed his eyes, she was there; he opened them, she was still there wearing that godawful expression he'd left her with. Every few minutes he saw the terror that had widened her eyes right before he'd been taken away from the graveyard.

It was slowly driving him mad.

There was only one thing worse than being hauled up in this place and that was not being able to go to her. To tell her he was okay. That everything was going to be okay. But as dread hit him full force in the solar plexus, taking the breath from his lungs, he knew he couldn't tell her that even if she was standing right him front of him.

None of this was okay.

Where the hell was he?

When they'd brought him down to where he was to be held until his trial, he was expecting some kind of holding cell with bars, not a bedroom almost the size of a basketball court. But the lavish terracotta decor, and the cream silk that adorned the bed and dressed the large windows—that, when he'd checked the obvious escape route, had turned out to be only an illusion of windows—meant nothing to him. He'd just as sooner be in a stone cell for all the shits he gave. No amount of luxuries would keep him from going batshit crazy as he was doing right then.

He stared down at his feet, noting how his heavy black boots—which were considerably dirty from when he'd stood on the churned up grass at Sheila's graveside—were a stark contrast against the white marbled floor. A reminder that, although he may now be a fully fledged angel, he most certainly didn't fit in there.

He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply through his nose, hoping it would ease some of the ache in his stomach at the same time he tried to ignore the dead silence that surrounded him. How long had he been there?

No matter how frustrating it was that he'd seen no one, heard nothing since he'd been left alone, Michael was biding his time. He'd go along with this. . . whatever it was. Let it play out through curiosity more than anything, but if they thought they could keep him locked away indefinitely they were dead wrong. Bowing down wasn't in his nature. Didn't matter who his so called superiors were. He certainly wasn't about to lie on his back with his balls in the air.

Michael was prepared to fight like hell.

With more determination than ever he stood up, prepared to call for his release for however long it took to gain some attention, when the chamber door opened, stopping him in his tracks. The moment he saw who it was he was hit with a profound relief. "Raziel. Thank G—“ He stopped himself before he finished the word, unwilling to thank that guy in any way. Not even in expression.

The angel walked over and took him in a tight embrace. "I'm sorry I took so long, but unfortunately things don't work the same way here as they do in your world."

He'd already figured that out. Michael nodded and somehow managed a smile. "I get that. How long have I been here?"

"Here? Almost a day. On earth you've been away for four days."

His chest went cold. "Jesus, Raz." As much as he'd like to go off at the guy, it wasn't the angel's fault. "But you're here now which means you can take me to whoever's in charge."

It wasn't hard to miss the regret in Raziel's eyes. "Michael," the angel said gently, his gossamer stare relaying his silent apology. "Please take a seat."

His formal response was unsettling. This wasn't the angel he was used to seeing. This was Raziel in his working environment where he was as powerless as Michael was. And by the look on his face Raz had bad news Michael didn't want to hear.

"I don't need to sit, Raz. I have to get out of here."

"I'm afraid that's not going to happen anytime soon."

Michael paused as anger and frustration boiled his blood. But he knew that now wasn't the time to lose his cool, and he wasn't about to take his frustrations out on Raziel who had adjusted his stance in preparation of Michael's top blowing.

He knew him so well.

The regret was clear in his friend's eyes. Raziel's hands were tied. Of course they were, otherwise Michael wouldn't still be there.

No. He knew there was a much higher power than those angels who had brought him there. But he could be standing face to face with the Creator himself right now in that very room and he'd have the exact same thing to say.

"This is bullshit, Raz."

"Michael. You have to calm down. Here, you're one of us which means you are treated as an equal, and trust me. . . my brethren and the Elders don't mess about. This shit you're in is real."

Raziel made it sound like he'd been caught flunking classes. Michael inhaled a deep breath, hoping it was enough to put a lid on his rage for the time being. Thankfully it seemed to work. He owed his life to the angel standing in front of him so he had every reason to take the guy seriously. If Raz was worried, then maybe he should think about being worried too.

Which meant for now, no matter how angry he was, he had to be smart about the whole situation. Not forgetting his powers were at least matched by the residents. Besides, that angel in the graveyard had been very clear about why they'd hauled his ass in. As angry as Michael was about the whole thing, he was willing to push his frustrations aside. He would talk it out with the Thrones, the Elders, or whoever the hell was waiting for an audience with him, tell them there was some kind of mistake. Make them see reason—

"It won't matter."

Michael looked at Raziel as he intruded on his thoughts. His creased brow was so low it was almost sitting on his lip. He had his lips set in a sharp line, like he was cursing the crap out of himself for not being able to help.

He shook his head slowly. "There's no mistake. You're an angel. Lacy is human. You are bound, as we all are, to the laws of our Creator and this particular one is solid. It's an impossibility."

Opting for sensibility instead of what he really wanted to do, Michael returned to the bed and plunked his ass down on the edge of the luxury mattress. There was already a gaping hole in his chest where his heart should be. God only knew—literally—how he'd manage if he didn't find his way back. He released a breath through the circle of his lips which didn't give him any relief whatsoever. "I don't deserve this, Raz. Neither does Lacy."

"I know," he said, his voice quietly sullen. "I'm so very sorry."

Michael could see in the angel's heavy eyes that he truly was. Did angels get exhausted? Because the guy in front of him sure had some dark circles going on under his eyes. He looked as defeated as Michael felt.

"I believe you. I know if you could have done anything you would have." Right then he wandered about his father. Why hadn't he showed up yet? "Where's Samael?"

More regret. "They won't permit him to see you until after the hearing, though it wasn't for the want of trying, believe me. He waited around until I was on my way here. He's gone to see Lacy."

That sent a stab through Michael's chest; knocking the wind right out of him. "Shit." He scrubbed his hand through his hair. He'd never felt so caged. Not even his isolation in Hell was as bad as this. "I wish I could just talk to her."

"Well, between me and your father, we'll make a damn good try of communicating for you both."

He looked up. Catching hold of the tiny whisper of hope. If he could even just get a message to her, it was something. "I need her to know I'm okay."

"Consider it done."


"No need to thank me. Just because our laws are old, doesn't mean I agree with all of them." Raziel approached Michael and placed a hand on his shoulder. "I don't like this one little bit, so if I can help at all, even if it is only passing along a message or two, I will."

"You've no idea how much I appreciate everything you've done for me, Raz. I can't ever repay you."

The angel's smile was gentle. His eyebrow raised. "I'm sure I'll think of something. Besides, someone had to look out for your sorry a—"

Pausing, Raziel lifted his head and tilted it slightly, his gaze going distant as if he was listening to something.

"What is it?"

He looked back at Michael with a frown. "I have to go."


He headed for the ornate gold door. "I'll return when they come for you. You won't be on your own. I promise."

When Raziel glanced back his stare was resolute, and Michael new he was in a critical situation. "I'm not getting out of this am I, Raz?"

The angel didn't need to speak his answer; it was right there in his eyes. "I'll be with you every step of the way through the hearing."

Michael gave him a nod, and the angel left. Then he was back to the silence of the room. Isolated. Only now it felt so much worse.

There was no changing his path, no matter what argument he put to the Elders. He knew deep down in his soul that his future had been mapped out for him, and that from the Elders point of view Lacy would never be a part of it. But there was a part of him that still had hope, even though it was a slither. He had to believe otherwise. Until it was determined, he had to think there could be another outcome. After all, if you didn't have hope then what was the point in even existing?

Want to read more? Head over to the Mortal Heart page For more information and teasers.

Look out for pre-order news coming soon.

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