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Book Two in the Paper Cuts Trilogy.

Book Two in the Paper Cuts Trilogy



The hardest fight of his life will be for her…


People deal with it in different ways.
For Ryder Cruz his therapy is in the cage. The only way to keep the demons away; fighting is all he has. Until his eye is drawn to a woman he can’t have. Especially when it would threaten his career, or even his life. But he can’t seem to stay away from her.

How did I get here?
Francesca DeLuca is trapped in a life she doesn’t want, all because of her father’s bad decisions. Forced to live with a man she despises, she’s a prisoner close to the edge. Broken.
There is no light at the end of her tunnel. Until him. But Ryder can’t know. To keep him safe Frankie can never tell him her secret.

When Ryder suspects that things aren’t quite what they seem between his boss and the woman always by the man’s side, he wants to know what the real deal is. But his interference has bigger consequences than he could have imagined, and he soon realises they are both trapped in the same world but for very different reasons.

Does Frankie’s extrication come in the form of a brutal fighter who works for her fiancé? Will she finally be free? Or will she have to sacrifice even more of herself to keep those she loves alive?


* Book two in the Paper Cuts Trilogy of standalone stories.


"You're inside me, Frankie, affecting me

in ways I find hard to deal with."

Taking another sip of wine' she gave him

an inquisitive look that warned him to

brace himself.

Quotes From Inside

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