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Now she looked at him, her pained stare momentarily

squeezing his heart to the point of asphyxiation.

"I can't imagine how you must have felt," he said.


His voice shook a little. Man this was hard.


Kindred Salvation

Divine Hunter Book Three

Hell wants an angel. . .

Against her better judgement, Lacy Holloway is getting used to her life with Michael, but falling deeper in love with him is only bringing more uncertainty about their future together. And then there's the other little problem: God only knows why her dead sister is still hanging around, but she is secretly glad. Living with the man she loves, and having Beth back in her life, Lacy is hiding her concerns behind the normal life she so desperately craves.

Things have been quiet in Oakland, but calm wasn't usually on Michael's radar, and for good reason. Now the dead are stirring and when Michael and Jaret discover a mass grave in Cincinnati they suspect Varesh has returned.

Their suspicions are heightened the moment Michael comes face to face with a past he knows very little about, and that past comes with some shocking news. Overwhelmed by what he's learned, and desperate to stop his evil enemy, Michael finds himself on the hunt for a woman who is closer to him than he could have ever imagined. But if Hell finds her first, the repercussions will be devastating, not just for Michael, but for the whole of mankind.

Who will get to her first? Angel or demon?


-- It is highly recommended that this series is read in order.

*This book contains some Adult situations and is recommended for age 17+*

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“Brilliant series so far, great mix of romance and the ongoing action made it hard to put down as you just had to find out was going to happen next.”


- Kobo Review


“Wow absolutely brilliant from start to finish
Brilliant series that just gets better
If you've not read it why not? ”


- Amazon Review

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