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A brand new contemporary romance.

Book One in the Paper Cuts Trilogy

Sometimes the smallest wounds hurt the most.


For Charlotte Sommers those were three words she could use to describe her life to a tee since moving down south to continue with her studies and escape her obsessed ex-boyfriend. Classes, work, and sleep were three more. Her life wasn’t exciting in the slightest. It never had been.

All that was about to change.

When a new tenant moves into the empty apartment down the hall, the mysterious stranger piques Charlie’s interest. Why did he always wear his hood up? What did he look like under there? Was it him playing the acoustic guitar she sometimes heard when she passed his door, or was it the stereo? Finally, with something to break the monotony of her life, Charlie makes it her mission to find out.

When they are finally introduced to each other through less than desirable circumstances, they embark on an unlikely friendship. But Charlie begins to suspect Jake is hiding something.

Her friend Cara is wrong: Jake isn’t an axe murderer, or a psychopath. But he will change the course of Charlie’s life forever.

A brand new contemporary romance novel by L.J. Sealey. Book one in the Paper Cuts Trilogy of standalone stories.


“I can’t do this, Charlie; I’m not the man you want me to be.”

“Then be the man you want to be.”

He’d finally glanced outside of the darkness that had consumed him for so long, and he liked what he saw.

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