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Lacy deserved happiness in the world

she once knew, not the world

         he had forced her into.

The concluding part of the DIVINE HUNTER series

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Mortal Heart

Divine Hunter Book Four

The final book in the Divine Hunter series.

When two hearts bleed, Heaven doesn’t stand a chance.

Is it possible for a heart to break twice?

Lacy had known from finding out what Michael was that there would be complications, but she never expected they’d be torn apart in such a cruel way. Unable to stop herself feeling the things she did, she knew she would pay for falling in love with an angel, but this. . . If it hurt this much, then how could she go on without him?

He’d feared this would happen.

It was always only a question of when.

Michael’s nightmares had come true and he hadn’t even had chance to say goodbye. His heart ached like he never thought possible, but he was powerless to change what had happened. Now he was trapped in the heavens awaiting a trial that he already knew the outcome of. Through her journal he’d lived his mother’s pain after his father had been taken from her. He couldn’t allow that to happen to Lacy.

He had to get out.

He would get out.

Of all that had happened to him this would be his toughest fight yet, but it would end in one of two ways: Either Michael would convince the Thrones to let him live with the woman he had lost his heart and soul to, or he would die by her side.

Either way, he wasn’t prepared to exist without her.


  • Mortal Heart is the fourth and final book in the Divine Hunter series.

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"I can't say goodbye to you,"

she whispered as the sorrow slowly

               crushed her heart. when she

         closed her eyes

her tears fell.

His lips, his tongue

                                  all of him felt glorious

     and even though she needed to know what

happened while he was away, this was so

  much better than talking. He was here,

as real as he could be.

                  All those details could wait.

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