Hi everyone. I know, I know, it’s been a while since I posted, and I’m working on sorting that out. I promise. I’ve been really rather busy over the last few months, with work, home life, and of course, writing my next book.

In case any of you might have missed the news from a while back, the next book I’ll be releasing is titled Evo, and is a tie-in novel to the Divine Hunter series, which will be book one in the Divine Hunter World novels. These books will focus on the much loved characters, and friends of Michael and Lacy, and I’m super sure you don’t need me to explain who the first book is about.

Well, to apologise for my absence I have a little something for you: the full synopsis for EVO – A Divine Hunter World Novel.

The cover will hopefully follow shortly. I’m almost happy with it. A few more tweaks and I can reveal it. I can’t wait!

Anyway, without further ado…


imageTitle: Evo

Series: Divine Hunter World #1 (Divine Hunter #2.5)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

The hunter just became the hunted. . .

Evan O’Reilly was used to fighting demons. A bounty hunter for the underworld, he was always precise. Efficient. Ruthless. But that was before he had to battle with his own.

Being a powerful deity had its advantages, and Alethia, goddess of wind and shadows, was thankful she could watch over her friend completely undetected. That was, until his carelessness began to garner the wrong kind of attention, leaving her no choice but to step in.

Now, Evo is being hunted by his own kind, closely followed by a revenge hungry demon. He is on the run, and Alethia is running with him. While passion ignites, and tension threatens to tear them apart, they discover that there is something far more sinister after Evo’s soul. As Alethia fights for him, she is forced to face an agonizing truth: to save him, she may have to lose him forever.

A story about new love and sacrifice, Evo is the first book in the Divine Hunter World series of books that focus on the much loved characters from the Divine Hunter series.

So, I’ll leave you with that, and a little info on how it’s going. I’m really loving how Evo is doing. I was so excited about delving into his world, and I’m just loving him more and more. I’ll tell you this though, he will frustrate you, annoy the hell out of you, but I promise that you will love him!


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Speak soon.

L.J x

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